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Bundle Godsend Xbox One,

It fell straight from the sky dude! Yes ! Fortunately to all the lovers of Xbox One, you dreamed about it ? God sent it to you ! So enjoy it, and repent you ...

The rates are compared to the official sites Steam, Origin, Playstation and xbox (and not conccurence) (excluding promotional periods and special rates).

Our bundle are neither taken back nor exchanged. Ready to Bundle is not responsible for the games or not in your possession.


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The bundle godsend xbox one is the bundle from xbox that you should have first my friend! Yes ... Sure enough, what better than to afford an Xbox One game key for less than 10€ ? On the other hand, here at Ready to Bundle, all the conditions are there for you not to be disappointed.

Because here it is the customer who takes pride in my friend! And yes ! There is no reason for you to have arrived on our site all joyful, and that you leave all embittered!

That's why Ready to Bundle, with its bundle godsend xbox one promises you the satisfaction of discovering your Grail! You will inherit a gift truly fallen from heaven! In other words, it is a little God's hand! It's a little Maradona from Xbox One who talks to you!

Anything ... Clearly, do not move further on another site, it may well be here that the Eldorado friend ... May be although here is the famous land promised ... The Paradise of Xbox One Gamers! So listen to me kind of dirty geek: You think you're a gamer?

Exactly, if you yourself feel invincible, a true warrior, lucky who gets away with every pitfall, will you get out of this umpteenth dilemma?

Will you be free from the ambush that stands before you? So that you still come out victor? I validate, then if you are a gamer, try your luck, and be rewarded, a true gift of God! The Godsend bundle dude, it's not a pipe! The more the trouble to drag churches, to cross the fingers crossing a black cat or to close the eyes in front of dirty bastards in the street!

Here at Ready to Bundle, it's you who produce miracles!


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Xbox One
How many activation keys are included in this bundle?
1 key
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